The numbers are shocking.

Every single day hundreds of children are placed in foster care or experience some form of traumatic event that prevents them from going home. 


are in foster care in our Southwest region.


are currently in foster care in Tennessee.


are currently in foster care in the United States.

There are just not enough . . . 

  • Workers

  • Foster Homes

  • Minutes

And so they wait.

Everything they know has changed and many things are now uncertain, including where they will lay their head down to sleep tonight. Whether they are waiting for a foster home or have expereinced a different kind of crisis that does not allow them to return to their natural home, this moment in which they wait is the one they will remember forever. In that moment, we can make a difference.

In that moment, we can give.

This memory could be the worst one of their lives or it could be one of comfort and support. Our organization works to reduce the trauma of the transition through giving. Your donations help us purchase and deliver items of comfort or need such as:
Travel bag of their own
Hygiene items
A stuffed animal
Books to read
A blanket
A favorite meal
Art Supplies
Travel size games
Activity books
Medical Supplies
Coats and Jackets
Inspirational items
Sensory items
School supplies

And you can help us do that.

Whether it is a financial donation, a Gift Kit donation, or sponsorship of A Place to Wait for a child, your gifts help our team be ready when the call comes in. You are the bridge we can connect to a child waiting in the gap.
I want to help

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